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Hossein Mousavi Family Foundation



The Hossein Mousavi Foundation is dedicated to enriching the quality of community life through charitable giving. Canada has provided many opportunities for Mr. Hossein Mousavi, and this foundation is created to reflect the legacy, love and respect Hossein and his family have for this country. It is our sincere hope that through our work and voluntary giving of help, there will be a lasting impact for our community today and for future generations to come.


As we continue to grow, our goal is to bring people and communities together by working with private donors, business leaders and other charities to enhance the financial and social capital within our community and beyond. Through our endowment fund, we will work hard to provide a reliable source of funding for impactful and heartfelt initiatives.


Community Appreciation Award

The ​Hossein Mousavi Family Foundation​ is currently seeking nominations for the inaugural ​Community Appreciation Award​. We ​will honor one individual who has unselfishly given of themselves and made significant contributions to the Iranian community in Nova Scotia –through volunteer involvement and achievements and by showing strong leadership.

Student Scholarship

Hossein Mousavi Family Foundation is announcing the establishment of HMFF Student Scholarship. This scholarship is formed with the vision of starting a program for Iranian decent students in Nova Scotia, Canada.


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